Turnkey Heavy Hauling for Tanker Trailers

Eliminate the hassle of transporting your wastewater, leachate, and residuals from your facility with the help of Duffield Hauling, Inc. Located in King George, Virginia, our professionals offer tanker trucks and heavy hauling services for your convenience.

Tanker Trailer Hauling

Our crew transports water, leachate, water residuals, pond residuals, and liquid sludge to disposal processing facilities. We haul leachate from commercial landfills to permitted disposal processing sites.

Dump Trailer Hauling

Our specialists also offer interstate hauling for municipal, state, and federal projects. Equipped with durable tractors with dump trailers, our fleet hauls heavy-duty materials such as biosolids, sludge, ash, dirt, stone, asphalt, and contaminated soils to remediation sites, as well as dredged materials to designated disposal sites. Additionally, our drivers load, haul, and dispose of grit and screenings from wastewater treatment facilities to EPA-approved landfills.
Contact us to utilize our state-of-the-art tanker trucks to provide heavy hauling for your wastewater products.
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